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Letter: St. Mary is great to explore when travel is limited

Dear Editor
The Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Commission used this National Travel & Tourism Week to showcase several businesses across the area in different facets of the tourism industry about why they love the Cajun Coast and choose to be a part of this industry that has been, and may continue to be hard hit by the pandemic and the “new normal” of travel.
We know travelers will visit Louisiana again, just as they did after 9/11, after Katrina, and after the oil spill, and Louisiana will once again be able to show off this place we love to the world. But, we know that the first place people will visit is their own towns, then regions, then further out, so we wanted to provide a local bucket list for our first visitors to check off the list and why it’s good to get out!

Escape to the Great Outdoors
You may not yet be ready for the big city, so it’s good that the Cajun Coast has an entire 800,000-acre wetland playground as its backyard. Explore the pristine beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin, the largest wetland area in the country. Check out the sites on the Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail, learn more about our connection to the waterway. You can even take a swamp tour to go exploring –colorful local guides, like Captain Caviar, can also teach you about the flora and the fauna, including alligators!
Explore the Atchafalaya -
Take a Swamp Tour -

Shed a little light
on the situation
A little sunshine exposure improves your mood and can help your immune system, so taking a trail on the Cajun Coast may help your physical body as well as your happiness levels! The Cajun Coast has a series of paddling trails to get out on the water, or even scenic byways, like the Bayou Teche Byway, to explore by bike or car.
Check out the trails and byways -
Paddle a trail on the Cajun Coast -
Enjoy the Bayou Teche Byway -

Learn a little something
Aside from nature treks, you can take the family on a historic stroll (or drive) through the Franklin or Morgan City Historic Districts, taking in the architecture and beautiful homes. You can download the brochures from the website. There are also a variety of itineraries, to help you decide what topics to explore next – from Civil War, to Birdwatching, to Culture or Casinos!
Find history on the Cajun Coast -
Check out the Franklin Historic District -
Take Morgan City’s Walking Tour - Find an itinerary to suit your group -

Seafood is good for you;
catch a good time!
With the Gulf Coast at our feet, you can hire a guide to take you out or launch your own craft into the deep blue waters at more than 30 launch locations throughout the area. And, if fishing for your own catch sounds like a bit much, there are plenty of locations to pick up fresh seafood to prepare at home, or restaurants serving up seafood just about any way you can think to make it!
Fish on the Cajun Coast -
Launch your boat on the Cajun Coast -
Dining out
Yes, order the dessert!
We cannot wait to go out to eat on the Cajun Coast! We are already taking advantage of outdoor seating in the beautiful weather, but when we can just meet friends for a colorful cocktail or take the whole family out for a meal, from down-home barbeque to international flavors, especially those with a Louisiana twist, are definitely on our bucket list when we can get out on the town! Order appetizers, and definitely the dessert!
Eat on the Cajun Coast -

Shop local, help economy
While tourism has a huge economic impact on the area, shopping local helps keep these businesses thriving and able to provide unique treasures for our visitors.
Main Street Shopping or other local businesses helps fuel the economy and the community. Our stores will be practicing safe-distance guidelines and cleaning protocols to ensure healthy environments.
Shop on the Cajun Coast -

Stay someplace
besides your house!
Camping in the great outdoors is a great way to get back to nature, get out of your house, and practice social distancing! We have several campgrounds and RV Parks to choose from, as well as a houseboat available for rental! Our hoteliers have also implemented stringent cleaning practices from the lobby to the already clean and comfortable rooms, and they are as ready to see you as you are to see them! Bellhops, concierges and service personnel will be taking extra precautions to ensure you feel safe, so you can concentrate on enjoying your stay.
Stay on the Cajun Coast -

Express your
freedom to travel
And, we can’t wait to provide our special brand of Louisiana hospitality, and open our doors to visitors who become friends on the Cajun Coast! We appreciate those who trust their travels to us!
Cajun -


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