Editorial: Why Trump?

Why Trump for President?
The next Presidential election
could be the most important election
in your lifetime. It will decide what
kind of Country we will have in the
future: a Socialist government or a
Capitalist Free Enterprise System with
Individual Initiatives.
Socialism is a government where a
handful of people run the government.
They run and control everything in
your life.
The Capitalist Free Enterprise
System has made our Country the
greatest and richest nation in the
Socialism has never worked
anywhere in the world.
Despite the hostile, radical left wing
National News Media, Trump has
indeed made America Great Again.
He has vowed that America will
never be a Socialist Country.
Biden, on the other hand tries hard
to convince people that he is not a tax
and spend Socialist but the fact of the
matter is that he is without a doubt.
Another consideration is the fact
that in the event the President cannot
serve, the The Vice President takes
Vice President Mike Pence’s track
record proves that he is capable of
being President.
Think carefully. The stakes are
Trump deserves reelection.
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