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Letter: Remember the heroes who serve the community

We must remember to give honor to the many brave citizens who, like our first responders and healthcare providers, continue to show up to work in our local businesses, providing for our basic needs.
To those who put themselves in danger every day, every hour of the day, printing newspapers and delivering them so the public can stay informed.
To those who work in banks, in stores, in the food service industries, those who deliver goods, and other businesses that, through their continuing to serve our needs, give our cities and communities a sense of normalcy in these very difficult times, we all appreciate you.
The sacrifices and services that you provide goes a long way in helping to lessen the fear, the stress and the anxiety that those of us who are, for the most part, shut off from normal human interaction.
We are encouraged by you and view you as truly being among our heroes.
So, on behalf of all of those who feel the way I do about you all, we offer our heartfelt gratitude.
Francis Sweet Jr.


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