The Town Talk, Alexandria, La., on the state biofuel industry:

March 3

The Town Talk, Alexandria, La., on the state biofuel industry:

It was not so long ago that we wrote the following on this page:

"The highest of high-tech initiatives has found its way to the heart of Central Louisiana: the molecular dissociation of carbon dioxide to make synthetic fuel that will burn in gasoline, diesel and other engines without modifications and without producing the pollutants known as greenhouse gases.

"That is the business of Sundrop Fuels Inc., a Colorado-based biofuels firm which, in the industry vernacular, specializes in 'cracking' carbon dioxide to make synthetic fuels.

"Now it wants to do that in a big way on 1,200 acres in Rapides Parish."

That was from Nov. 27, 2011, a little more than 15 months ago.

Fast-forward to a bulletin posted online Feb. 28 on and then to a more detailed news story published in the March 1 paper:

"Sundrop Fuels Inc. closed on the purchase of more than 1,213 acres of land in the Rapides Station area Thursday where the biofuels company plans to locate its plant manufacturing 'green gasoline.'

"Sundrop Fuels has had an option on the property, owned by Ballina Farms, for more than a year while it moved forward with pre-construction efforts, including permitting. ...

It is fair to say that the arc of this story so far is beyond exciting. It is increasingly important news as the project gains traction.

More encouragement came in January of this year when Sundrop — doing business in our state as Sundrop Fuels Louisiana LLC — bought the former Cowboy Town entertainment venue for $2.5 million. That sprawling facility and its 28-acre site are adjacent to Sundrop's latest land purchase.

Sundrop Fuels clearly is moving forward with this important and timely project. Similarly, others are starting to tap into Louisiana's biofuels potential, including Emerald Biofuels and Verenium in Plaquemine and Jennings, respectively.

Underneath this are Louisiana's vast and varied natural resources and its long legacy as an energy leader. That bodes well for Sundrop Fuels and the project under way in Rapides Parish.

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