Supplies fly off store shelves


Retailers are reporting supplies such as water, food and batteries are still available, but expected to be in short supply as Isaac gets closer to the Tri-City area.

One item that is already going quickly is bottled water.

Store Manager Steve Domangue of Cannata’s in Morgan City said his store has already experienced high sales on bottled water as people begin to prepare for Isaac, but his store still has supplies.

He advised people to buy water as quickly as possible to avoid the rush as the storm approaches.

“People will probably start buying a lot more water this evening or early tomorrow morning,” Domangue said. “As the storm gets closer, people begin to react differently.”

A manager at Walmart in Bayou Vista, who asked not to be identified, said that the store was already out of water and was running low on batteries ahead of the pending storm, but the store was expecting to be resupplied today.

“We are out of water and low on batteries, but we still have plenty of food,” the manager said. “We are expecting another truck with more water and we are staying in touch with distribution. We expect to stay busy before the storm.”

Another major pre-storm purchase item is plywood and other building materials to secure homes and businesses in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

Willis Dore’, vice president/operations manager of Cardinal Lumber in Patterson, said his store had adequate supplies.

“Currently, we have plenty of material on the ground, lots of plywood and two-by-fours,” he said. “So far, there has not been a mad rush, just a slow trickle, but that will pick up as the storm gets closer.”

Dore’ said Cardinal has already started receiving calls on the availability of lumber and supplies people would need to secure structures.

Angela Pitre, Stazione Deli-Market Exxon manager, said her gas station has also been busy since Sunday as people fuel vehicles.

“Things have been busy and we expect them to stay that way,” she said.

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