Popular snacks disappear

MORGAN CITY, La. — While Twinkie lovers across the nation may have made a run on the snack cakes made by Hostess Brands Inc., local aficionados were less passionate about their cream filled pastries.

One store that had its shelves cleared of Hostess snacks in the days since the baker of Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Ho’s is Rouses in Morgan City.

“They pretty much cleaned out what was on the shelf, but we didn’t have a huge variety,” Craig Giroir, store director said.

Convenience stores such as Cracker Barrel in Patterson and all of the Stazione stores don’t carry the Hostess cakes, their managers or owners said.

Ganaway’s management said that while they do carry the snacks, they have not seen a run on them.

Friday the Irving, Texas-based company filed a motion to liquidate. The shuttering means the loss of about 18,500 jobs. Hostess said employees at its 33 factories were sent home and operations suspended. Its roughly 500 bakery outlet stores will stay open for several days to sell remaining products.

News of the decision caused a run on Hostess snacks at many stores around the country, and the snacks started appearing on the Internet at inflated prices.

The few boxes of Twinkies Cannata’s in Morgan City had in stock were bought by a patron who wanted to list them on eBay, store manager Steve Domingue said.

She may have made a good bit of money.

The highest sale for a 10-count box of Twinkies came Saturday from a seller in Ephrata, Penn., who netted $10,000 for a single box. The seller offered free shipping for the snack cakes. Another eBay seller sold 12 boxes of Twinkies at $8,000 each over the weekend.

As the days have passed, however, the prices have come down. Now the going price for a single box of Twinkies is about $20.

All of these sales may be premature.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported Hostess Brands Inc. and its second largest union will go into mediation to try and resolve their differences, meaning the company won’t go out of business just yet. The news came after Hostess moved to liquidate and sell off its assets in bankruptcy court citing a crippling strike last week.

The bankruptcy judge hearing the case says that the parties haven’t gone through the critical step of mediation and asked the lawyer for the bakery’s union to ask his client, who wasn’t present, if he would agree to participate.

The case is being heard by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York in White Plains, N.Y.

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