Morgan City police issue Mardi Gras reminders

Morgan City Police Chief Marc Folse would like to remind residents of the laws that govern Mardi Gras season within the city limits.

As there will be three Mardi Gras crews parading through the streets of Morgan City, the police department will once again be on full activation for these events. There will be an increase in patrols before, during and after the parade festivities and all through the carnival weekend.

The rules are:

—Citizens are reminded that no pets are allowed along the parade routes at any time.

—Music can be played, but at a reasonable volume and cannot have any profanity or offensive language. It will have to be shut off completely during the parade itself.

—Drivers should be very aware of pedestrians and children running out into the roadways along the parade routes.

—In order to place a vehicle or trailer along the route, that person must ask and receive permission from the property owner in order to do so. Do not block off space, as others may need to utilize that area also. Trailers and campers cannot block the view of traffic at intersections or impede the flow of traffic at any time.

—Parents are asked not to allow children to approach the floats for handouts as there have been several instances in the past that involved children coming within inches of being struck by a float pulling away. Float crews and drivers are also asked to help keep a tragedy from happening.

—Revelers can remain on site one hour after the passing of the parade. Music must be at a reasonable volume and traffic cannot be blocked. After this hour, all prior laws and ordinances take effect.

—Any solicitors or vendors need a city permit to operate at any time.

“With everyone keeping a watchful eye, it is my hope that this will be a safe and happy Mardi Gras season,” Folse said.

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