Patterson United Methodist Church timeline

The Rev. Steven J. Porter has ministered to the Patterson United Methodist Church since his appointment in 2011 by the Louisiana bishop to the Patterson and Berwick Methodist churches. He shared the history of the church, its building’s history and its congregation, in advance of the 200-year anniversary of the congregation’s founding.
Before 1844, the church was meeting in a building across from the school on Muggah property.
The following events in the history of the Patterson (once known as Pattersonville) United Methodist Church are among significant dates submitted by the Rev. Steven Porter. 
1813-1814 — The first actual preacher was the Rev. John S. Ford. On his way back from Opelousas and preaching at the Franklin Methodist community in October 1813, he was asked to stop by Dutch Settlement where several families resided, hoping for a preacher to come by. The first appointed pastor was the Rev. Richmond Nolley in December 1813 (Nolley died while serving his church). He crossed a swollen river trying to get to the next town and was found the next day further on the trail, frozen to death.
1841 — The Methodist Episcopal Church in America split north and south over the issue of slavery. This resulted in a new name for the local congregation, “Pattersonville Methodist Episcopal Church, South.” This remained the name until the reunification in 1939, when the denomination simply became The Methodist Church.
1844 — —The first Methodist Church building was completed in Pattersonville. Before 1844, the church was meeting in a building across from the school on Muggah property. The current sanctuary was completed in 1888 although some records suggest 1889 or 1890.
1860 — The Rev. Fisher T. Rawson was instrumental in establishing a church library. The church is still in possession of some of the early books.
1860-1861 — The trustees signed a document for the purpose of acquiring property for a parsonage. 
1881 — Mrs. Ann Muggah Hooper sold a parcel of land to the church. J.P. Muggah also donated some land. This was done for the purpose of building a new church building.
1888 — The present sanctuary was completed (some references give the year as 1889 or 1890).
1891 — The first marriage held in the present sanctuary was for William Folse and Wilhemina Vetter on Nov. 26, 1891. It was performed by H.H. Wadsworth, one of several lay pastors who helped with the ministry over the years.
1893 — A new parsonage was built next to the present church building. This house stood until it was destroyed by a fire in 1927.
1905 — The biggest growth day for the Patterson Church was May 21, 1905, when 30 people joined the church, all by profession of vows (most likely a youth confirmation).
1954-1955 — The present educational building and fellowship hall was built with an office added in 1967.
1963-1964 — The membership for Patterson Methodist Church was 135, about the largest the church ever had. 
1964 — The present parsonage was built on the corner of Catherine and Lee streets. The Rev. Larry Robertson and his family were the first occupants.
1983 — Stained glass replaced in windows with an attempt to stay close to original design.
1989 — Bayou Vista United Methodist Church closed its doors, with many of its remaining members joining Patterson UMC.
1994 — Hurricane Andrew blew off the steeple, along with other damage, not only to the church but to the whole area.
2013 — Although the church membership is less than in 1963, there remain a number of members who were members back then: Cary Rochel Rentrop, Ellen Delaune Scott, Hugh C. Brown, Cleo Dell Scott II, Katherine Ann Risher Conley, Linda Rochel Crapell, Ann McMurray, Ernest McMurray, Ray Mendoza, Peggy Barr Darce and Harolyn Barr Boyles.

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