Foulcard disputes police actions after lounge fight

An incident early Saturday morning at Joe’s Lounge in Franklin prompted a visit before the city council by Albert Foulcard.
Foulcard said the mayor and council are “doing a beautiful job in Franklin and I congratulate you all” but went on that Friday there was a comedy show held at the lounge. “Two ladies had an altercation, security took them outside… they did what they had to do.”
He said he talked to his nephew who runs the lounge at about 2 a.m. and that the “cops had come in run everybody out.”
Foulcard said the family “takes care of its own problems. We have a sign in there says ‘Police Friendly.’” He said that if there was trouble outside there should have been arrests, but there were none.
Mayor Raymond Harris said there are “two sides to the story. You weren’t there, you didn’t see it, you told us (the nephew’s) side of the story.”
He called Police Chief Sabria McGuire to the podium. The chief said there was a report of a large fight and warrants have been issued for arrests because “when the officers got there a lot of people ran. We’ve identified them and warrants were issued.”
“We’re being accused of putting people out of the club,” Harris said. “Is there any truth to that? Was it necessary?”
“Yes, sir,” McGuire said.
Harris said until there is evidence that the police should not have shut down the club “that’s how it stands.”
McGuire offered to meet with Foulcard and the manager to discuss the incident.
Foulcard asked what gives a police officer the right to close down a business. McGuire said it is a matter of public safety.
The chief said this morning that police received a call regarding a fight at 1:15 a.m. Saturday from a person who only identified himself as “Foulcard.” A second call two minutes later from someone who said they were “with Joe’s” also reported a fight.
McGuire said when officers arrived there were “hundreds of people outside screaming, hollering. There were pieces of synthetic hair in the roadway.”
One person was cut with a razor, McGuire said, and was treated and released at Franklin Foundation Hospital.
Another suffered a head laceration and was also treated and released.
McGuire said police learned that two subjects had jumped another patron and they have been identified and warrants applied for. Others may be forthcoming.
The officers ordered the club closed at 1:35 a.m. because of difficulty controlling the crowd and concerns for public safety. They were still clearing the crowd at 2 a.m. when clubs are legally required to close.
There was also a report of two fights later at the Northwest Auto Truck Plaza on Northwest Boulevard and another in the area of Willow Street and Robertson Street.
McGuire said it was unclear if those incidents were related to the Joe’s Lounge incident.

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