Black bear dos and don’ts

A black bear caught Tuesday in Patterson. (The Daily Review Photo by Courtney Darce)

Don’t have time for unwanted guests? Follow this list of dos and don’ts from Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries to keep Louisiana black bears away from your property.
—Never overfill garbage cans.
—Always bag your garbage.
—Rinse containers like soft drink cans, food cans and ketchup bottles before throwing away or recycling.
—Keep food scraps in one garbage bag, separate from regular trash. Put scraps out the day of garbage pick-up to reduce bear-attracting, smelly items.
—Keep garbage can lid closed and latched at all times. If bear-proof containers are not available, use C-clamps or ratchet straps to fasten the lid.
—Remove your can promptly from the curb. If you live in a bear area, secure it in a back yard, garage, shed or to a post or fence. This reduces chances the bears will be able to manipulate it open.
—Keep garbage cans clean by washing with bleach or ammonia to kill food smells.
—Never put food scraps out for wildlife.
—Remove bird and other “critter” feeders.
—Never leave pet food out at night.

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