Alleged killer’s sister indicted in shooting death


An indictment of Jessicah Charisse Johnson, 21, for second-degree murder was returned Monday morning by a parish grand jury for the May 20 death of Mikki Dauntain in Morgan City.
Dauntain, 23, of Morgan City, was shot during an altercation in the Garber Street and Federal Avenue area, according to Morgan City police. He was pronounced dead less than an hour after the shooting by doctors at Teche Regional Medical Center in Morgan City.
Johnson, of Bowman Street in Morgan City, is the sister of Justin Patterson, 24, who is accused by police of shooting Dauntain. Johnson was charged with principle to second-degree murder when she was arrested by Morgan City police. Clerk of Court documents show Johnson was arrested in 2011 on a warrant for simple battery and 2012 for disturbing the peace.
Dauntain’s girlfriend, Natasha Garner, said Johnson was part of a group of four girls who surrounded her vehicle, with Dauntain and Brandon Scott as passengers, after she was flagged down, according to a Morgan City police affidavit.
The affidavit said during an earlier altercation with Scott, Johnson had said, “You better get your boys from Patterson, because I am going to get my brother who plays with guns.”
Morgan City police said a deleted text message from Patterson’s phone to the phone used by Johnson immediately before the murder said “Keep yo eyes on him.”
Johnson is accused by Garner in the affidavit of trying to get Scott to exit the vehicle, which he apparently refused to do. The confrontation escalated, according to Garner, when Johnson shattered the rear passenger window of the vehicle and then Dauntain got out.
The grand jury included a charge of aggravated criminal damage to property in its indictment against Johnson.
Garner identified Patterson as the person who came behind the barbershop toward the vehicle and proceeded to shoot Dauntain in the head, the affidavit said. Garner claimed she could identify Patterson, despite him wearing a bandana on the lower part of his face, because he is well known to her.
Morgan City police said that Brandon Scott thought he was likely the intended target of the shooting. Scott said he had learned “Bullet Chain,” the street name of Patterson, was attempting to locate him because Patterson believed Scott had robbed him.
Linda Madise said Johnson admitted to her “about being involved in the (earlier) altercations, and that she had called her brother to come to where the homicide would occur (and that) she went to Justin Patterson’s residence and picked him up,” an affidavit said. Madise added that Johnson dropped Patterson “off down the street and returned to the area where the murder eventually occurred,” the affidavit said
Morgan City Police Chief Travis Crouch said Linda Madise, 37, of Sixth Street in Morgan City, is the mother of Ashley Nicole Rudolph, 21, of Bowman Street in Morgan City, who was Patterson’s girlfriend at the time of the murder.
Madise said Joseph told her “Justin ran out and shot intending to kill Brandon Scott, but that he mistakenly killed Mikki Dauntain in the process,” an affidavit said.
Rudolph told Madise that Patterson told her to get rid of the gun so she and Guidry crossed the La. 182 bridge and Rudolph threw the gun into the river, a police affidavit said.
Madise admitted she, Rudolph and Lyndsey Guidry burned clothing worn by Patterson, an affidavit said. She said she got the clothes from her ex-husband, Joseph Patrick Madise, who kept them after Rudolph and Guidry brought them to his house.
According to the affidavit, Linda Madise said she talked to Cassandra Garrett, Patterson’s mother, about the clothes and that Garrett asked her to take care of the items and that Garrett had thanked her after she was told that the clothes were burned.
Garrett, 49, of Bowman Street in Morgan City, was a St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s deputy at the time of the incident but no longer works for the sheriff’s office, spokeswoman Traci Landry said. She did not provide a date that Garrett left the employ of the sheriff.
According to the document, Linda Madise said her daughter approached her after they burned the clothes and told her that she located the gloves that Patterson “had worn at the time of the murder in their truck.” She said she, her daughter and ex-husband burned the gloves in a skillet inside of his residence.
Patterson is held at the Iberia Parish Prison on a first-degree murder charge.
Other arrests made in the case include:
—Linda Madise, for accessory after the fact to second degree murder and obstruction of justice.
—Ashley Joseph Thomas, 44, of Elmer Street in St. Martinville, Linda Madise’s boyfriend, for accessory after the fact to second degree murder and on a warrant for criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice.
—Joseph Madise, 60, of Morgan City, on accessory after the fact to second degree murder and obstruction of justice in the murder investigation.
—Garrett for accessory after the fact to second degree murder and for criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice.
—Guidry, 22, of Florence Street in Morgan City, for accessory after the fact to second degree murder and obstruction of justice.
—Etoyi Jones, 37, of Bowman Street in Morgan City, for accessory after the fact to second degree murder and obstruction of justice.

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