Daily Review publishes children’s letters to Santa

MORGAN CITY, La. — Children across the area have sent in their letters to Santa, and are anxious to see if they get what they asked for.

The Daily Review’s Christmas Eve edition includes hundreds of Letters to Santa written by area youngsters.

Synirea Sheldon, a first-grader at Hattie Watts Elementary, asked for “an iPod, DVD player, Justin Bieber music, and a new pair of moccasin slippers” for herself. However, she also thought of her mom.

“I would for you to bring my mommy a house and a car if you can fit that on your list this year because I think she deserves it. My mommy works hard taking care of my family,” Sheldon wrote.

Ravyn, a second-grader at Berwick Elementary, wrote, “Ges what? I have bin good! I would give the sick people a present. What I would like for Christmas is a remote control helicopter.”

Shae, a first-grader at Stephensville Elementary, asked for several things, including a dress, BrBes, a baby dall and books, but also was concerned for Santa’s safety. “I want you to be careful,” Shae wrote.

Lexie Martin, a third-grader at M.E. Norman Elementary wrote, “For Christmas I want a puppy Alive, a key board, and babhy alive.” Martin also wrote, “P.S. Your elf on the shelf is scaring me!”

Riley Jackson, a kindergartener at M.E. Norman Elementary, had some questions for Santa. “How does your reindeer fly? Can I please get a fortune cookie maker for Christmas? Am I being good or bad? How do you live in the air? Is your house on a cloud?,” Jackson wrote.

Jude Coomer, a third-grader at Bayou Vista Elementary, wrote that he has been “naughty and nice.” He also asked Santa a safe trip and asked for a play station 3, WWe12 (xbox 360), wwe 13 (wil), iphone 5 and a red jacket, Coomer wrote.

Francisco, a third-grader at Wyandotte Elementary, was specific about what he wanted. “Could I get a chiguagua that is yellow. I want the chiguagua to be playfull and that when I throw the ball that he has to catched. I want it to be a puppy. I want my chiguagua to grow a lot, and put me a note whith the dog that what it eats. Santa could my dog some cookies than you could give me his food that he eats,” Francisco wrote.

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