Berwick Junior High nearly sweeps junior high meet

Staff Report

Berwick Junior High School nearly swept the boys’ and girls’ team titles at the St. Mary Parish Junior High School Championship Relays April 2.

In fact, initially, they “had.”

However, when meet director Paul Gilder later found what he said was a “clerical error” in the girls’ totals, the scores had to be adjusted. With the changes, the squad took second place to B.E. Boudreaux.

But just barely.

B.E. Boudreaux edged Berwick Junior High, 114 to 112, for the team title.

In boys’ action, Berwick Junior High School topped Franklin Junior High for the top spot by 40 points (147-107)

Patterson’s Landon Harper was named Field MVP, while Joshua Luke of Hanson was named Track MVP. Berwick’s Kennan Jones was named Outstanding Performer.

As for girls’ awards, Field MVP honors went to Samaria Newton and Lacy Talbot, both of B.E. Boudreaux, while Track MVP honors were given to Lauren Cantrelle of Berwick. Outstanding Performer went to Erica Singleton of Patterson.

Below are complete results from the junior high parish championships.

Women’s Events

100 Meter: first place, Erykah Singleton, Patterson Junior High School, 13.68; second place, Makala Ruiz, PJHS, 13.71; fourth, Alisha Singleton, Morgan City Junior High School, 14.00; fifth place, Haley Harris, MCJHS, 14.06

200 Meter: first, Ruiz, PJHS, 28.56; second, Harris, MCJHS, 29.88; sixth, Casey Hongo, Berwick Junior High School, 31.93

400 Meter: first, Hongo, BJHS, 1:14.78; fourth, Taylor Weary, MCJHS, 1:19.09; sixth, Madison Billiot, BJHS, 1:20.29

800 Meter: first, Lauren Cantrelle, BJHS, 2:58.84; second, Billiot, BJHS, 3:05.78; third, Ciara Guidry, MCJHS, 3:15.12

1400 Meter: first, Cantrelle, BJHS, 6:23.69; second, Hallie Autin, Central Catholic Junior High School, 6:47.18; third, Kaitlyn Larson, PJHS, 6:54.09; fourth, Kloey Cuvillier, BJHS, 7:05.06

3200 Meter: first, Hanna Percle, BJHS, 17:10.56; second, Cuvillier, BJHS, 17:11.67

100 Hurdles: first, E. Singleton, PJHS, 19.05; fourth, Hanisha Gabriel, MCJHS, 22.77; sixth, Natalie Bourgeois, BJHS, 23.22

300 Hurdles: first, E. Singleton, PJHS, 57.62; second, Autin, CCJHS, 58.53; fourth, Sheldriana Clark, MCJHS, 1:05.46; fifth, Billiot, BJHS, 1:05.51

4x100 Relay: first, PJHS, Relay A, Ruiz, Briana Turner, Irenisha Kinchen, E. Singleton, 56.34; second, MCJHS, Relay A, A. Singleton, Harris, Hailey Lewis, Alira Clark, 57.24; fourth, CCJHS, Relay A, Nia Lightfoot, Symone Wiggins, Autin, Judy Ruffin, 59.87; sixth, BJHS, Relay A, Madison Palmature, Kasey Giandelone, Emily Roy, Hongo, 1:01.78

4x200 Relay: first, MCJHS, Relay A, A. Singleton, Harris, Lewis, Clark, 2:01.28; fourth, BJHS, Relay A, Maya McGinnis, Giandelone, Hongo, 2:12.91

4x400 Relay: second, MCJHS, Relay A, Tajaneye Hawkins, Gabriel, Jaden Walker, Twanna, Lebeau, 5:11.92; third, BJHS, Relay A, Palmature, Giandelone, Cantrelle, Roy, 5:15.89

Shot Put: second, La’Qwajha Boueighs, MCJHS, 29-11¾; fourth, Connie Giroir, BJHS, 28-3½; fifth, India Bennet, MCJHS, 28-3; sixth, Baleigh Rotolo, PJHS, 25-¾

Discus: second, Boueighs, MCJHS, 75; third, Giroir, BJHS, 67-7; fourth, Lebeau, MCJHS, 60-3; fifth, Madelyn Gros, BJHS, 54-8

Long Jump: third, Bourgeois, BJHS, 11-2; fifth, Jenna Beiza, BJHS, 10-9

Triple Jump: third, Walker, MCJHS, 23-½; fourth Giandelone, BJHS, 22-4½; fifth, Bourgeois, BJHS, 22-4

High Jump: third, Bourgeois, BJHS, J3-10; fourth, Cantrelle, BJHS, J3-10

Team scores: first, B.E. Boudreaux Junior High, 114; second, BJHS, 112; third, MCJHS, 86; fourth, PJHS, 65; fifth, Franklin Junior High School, 56; sixth, CCJHS, 20; seventh, Hanson Junior High School, 16; eighth, Chitimacha Junior High School, 4.

Men’s Events

100 Meter: second, Dillon Giandelone, BJHS, 12.12; sixth, Landon Harper, PJHS, 12.87

200 Meter: second, Deshawn Sylvester, BJHS, 24.78; third, Colby Gray, PJHS, 25.96; sixth, Taaj Daniel, MCJHS, 27.02

400 Meter: first, Kenan Jones, BJHS, 57.50; second, Giandelone, BJHS, 1:01.02; sixth, Lane Eubanks, PJHS, 1:12.18

800 Meter: third, Eubanks, PJHS, 2:39.06; fourth, Jonathan Jones, MCJHS, 2:39.24; fifth, Bailey Badeaux, PJHS, 2:40.30

1600 Meter: second, Cade Thibodeaux, PJHS, 5:46.17; third, Cade Minton, MCJHS, 5:59.98; fourth, DJ Robicheaux, BJHS, 6:05.79; fifth, Ian Valdez, BJHS, 6:18.19; sixth, Eubanks, PJHS, 6:24.62

3200 Meter: second, Minton, MCJHS, 13:16.60; third, Barrett Hover, BJHS, 13:20.55; fourth, Robicheaux, BJHS, 13:52.27; sixth, Logan Fontenot, MCJHS, 15:19.98

100 Hurdles: first, Jake Srigley, BJHS, 17.40; third, Jordan Butler, PJHS, 18.24; fourth, Jones, MCJHS, 18.68; fifth, Collin Louviere, BJHS, 19.50

300 Hurdles: third, Srigley, BJHS, 49.52; fifth, Jones, MCJHS, 50.56; sixth, Louviere, BJHS, 52.12

4x100 Relay: second, BJHS, Relay A, Srigley, Deshawn Sylvester, Austin Price, Giandelone, 48.71; fourth, PJHS, Relay A, Dontre Nicholas, Brandon Ramagos, Harper, Demetri Roberts, 50.14; fifth, MCJHS, Relay A, Daniel, Brandon Rock, Mike Richard, Tyray Williams, 52.33; sixth CCJHS, Relay A, Nick Brown, Cooper Leblanc, Blake Byrne, Jalen Johnson, 52.96

4x200 Relay: first, BJHS, Relay A, Srigley, Sylvester, Price, Giandelone, 1:40.78; fourth, CCJHS, Relay A, Brown, Leblanc, Byrne, Johnson, 1:52.59; fifth, MCJHS, Relay A, Daniel, Rock, Richard, Williams, 1:52.84

4x400 Relay: second, BJHS, Relay A, Parker Felterman, Sylvester, Price, Bristol Gros, 4:25.09; third, PJHS, Relay A, Badeaux, Joel Singleton, Jamey Fabre, Eubanks, 4:44.93; fourth, MCJHS, Relay A, Cain Naquin, Geron Hawkins, Jonathon Vasques, John Pat Dupuy, 5:00.92

Shot Put: first, Frank Rangel, MCJHS, 34-11; fourth, Trenton Hebert, BJHS, 33-10¼

Discus: first, Trenton Hebert, BJHS, 102-11; fourth, Seth Giroir, BJHS, 97-3; sixth, Tanner Ross, CCJHS, 79

Long Jump: first, K. Jones, BJHS, 17-9; second, Harper, PJHS, 15-8; third, J. Johnson, CCJHS, 15-7; fifth, Gros, BJHS, 14-11

Triple Jump: first, K. Jones, BJHS, 37-04; second, Harper, PJHS, 33-6; sixth, Gros, BJHS, 30

High Jump: first, K. Jones, BJHS, J5-8; fourth, J. Johnson, CCHS, J5-4; fourth, Price, BJHS, J5-4; sixth, Colby Gray, PJHS, J5-4

Team scores: first, BJHS, 147; second, Franklin Junior High School, 107; third, B.E. Boudreaux Junior High School, 90; fourth, PJHS, 58; fifth, MCJHS, 44; sixth, Hanson Junior High School, 27; seventh, CCJHS, 15; eighth, Chitimacha Junior High School, 4.

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