2nd autopsy indicates homicide in Patterson man’s death -- Glenn Lemoine died after leaving casino

MORGAN CITY, La. -- The results of a second autopsy indicate that Glenn Lemoine’s manner of death was a homicide and cause of death was violence of undetermined means, according to the pathologist who performed the autopsy.

Lemoine’s body was found in the Charenton Canal Aug. 9, 2010, two days after his abandoned car was found in a ditch on U.S. 90 East near the casino. He was last seen leaving Cypress Bayou Casino shortly after 3:30 a.m. Aug. 7, 2010.

Lemoine’s family hired private investigator John Abdella, who spoke with a woman that talked to Lemoine after his car got stuck in the ditch about a mile from the casino, Abdella said in February. Lemoine told the woman he was “OK” and was going to make some phone calls, Abdella said. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene about 10 minutes later, and Lemoine had left the scene, he said. The woman did not see Lemoine leave because it was extremely dark on the road, Abdella said.

Lemoine’s manner of death and cause of death were originally ruled undetermined by St. Mary Parish Coroner Dr. F.H. Metz after the autopsy was performed in Jefferson Parish.

Metz stands by his finding of undetermined cause and manner of death.

The 60-year-old Lemoine of Patterson left behind 11 children. His family had his body exhumed in January to have another autopsy performed.

Board certified pathologist Dr. Adel Shaker performed the second autopsy on Lemoine’s remains Jan. 31 in Jefferson County, Ala., and ruled the manner of death a homicide and cause of death violence of undetermined means. One of Lemoine’s daughters, Denise Bailey, provided the autopsy report to The Daily Review.

In the report, Shaker found blunt and sharp force trauma to the head and neck. He found 4 inch by 3 inch lacerated wounds and 2 inch by 1 inch lacerated wounds in the left parietal-occipital (left and back) region of the skull. He also found tiny sharp force wounds, from one-quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch in length, in the right parieto-occipital region of the skull, according to the report.

“There is clear separation at the level of cervical vertebra 5 surrounded by hemorrhages,” Shaker stated in the report. “There are subdural hemorrhages between thoracic 1 to thoracic 4 of the spinal cord.”

Shaker concluded in his report after performing the autopsy and looking at all the information and evidence available to him stating, “It is my opinion that the deceased died due to undetermined means of violence on his body, and the manner of death is best classfied as homicide. The previously performed autopsy failed to reveal any cause of natural or accidental death,” he stated in the report. “A thorough and dedicated investigation and more sincere effort should be exerted by the local law enforcement based upon all these findings, circumstantial evidence and clues,” Shaker stated.

Metz said, “In light of the recent autopsy, we have reviewed our autopsy findings, and it has been discussed with the pathologist that did the autopsy. And we do not find any reason to change the cause and manner of death. It’s my responsibility since my signature is on it to work through the pathologist and also with the law enforcement. As the coroner, I cannot say for sure the cause of death of Mr. Lemoine. And, therefore, since I cannot conclude what the cause of death is, I have listed it as undetermined, both from the standpoint of the manner of death … and the cause of death.”

Metz said from looking at other reports from the sheriff, there is no evidence “of any foul play,” he added. Metz said he disagrees with the manner of death being ruled homicide. “I don’t find any evidence of a homicide,” he said.

“I’m very sympathetic to the family’s situation,” Metz said. “But I can’t come up with anything different.”

“The location of the body inside the water without any sure sign of drowning supported by the previously and second performed autopsies in addition to the evidence of blunt force injuries to the head and thoracic spinal cord supplemented by the toxicological and histopathological analyses confirm my opinion,” Shaker stated.

“A thorough and dedicated investigation and more sincere effort should be exerted by the local law enforcement based upon all these findings, circumstantial evidence and clues,” he concluded in the report.

Bailey said Shaker did a microscopic examination during the autopsy, which was not done in the original autopsy according to records she viewed from the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s office where the autopsy was performed, she said.

The family paid $10,000 to have the microscopic examination and autopsy performed, Bailey said. “In our hearts, we knew something happened to him from the beginning,” she said.

Bailey said at the time Lemoine’s body was found, Bailey was told by people with the sheriff’s office that “they believed it was an accident.”

The second autopsy report was sent to the sheriff’s office and district attorney’s office, Bailey said, but she has not heard back from either entity.

First Assistant District Attorney Bo Duhe of the 16th Judicial District Court said the attorney’s office has received the autopsy report from the Lemoine family, but he is not allowed to comment on pending investigations, he said.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Traci Landry stated the following in an email, “The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office continues to engage in an ongoing investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Glenn Lemoine in August of 2010. The coroner’s report indicated an undetermined cause of death. Because of this determination, the Sheriff’s Office’s investigation is open as to the cause of death.

“The Sheriff’s Office has and will investigate all leads in this matter. Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, the Sheriff’s Office cannot comment on particular evidence or the details surrounding the case.”

Bailey said the family will continue going to the higher authority in the criminal justice system “until it’s done.”

Abdella asks anyone with information surrounding Lemoine’s death to contact him at 337-235-0270. The family continues to offer a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Lemoine’s death.

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